Seed to Sale ERP for the Modern Cannabis Industry

ERP Solution built for Cannabis Growers and Processors: Unify your entire business with our fully integrated software solution built for cannabis.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cannabis Business

Alchemy365 for Cannabis is a trusted ERP software designed for the cannabis industry. Alchemy365 helps cultivators, manufacturers and distributors stay ahead of the competition by reducing labor costs, improving operations and most important; remaining complaint with state and federal regulations.

Integrated Financial and Production Functions

Alchemy365 integrates all financial and production aspects to optimize operations of your cannabis business. Streamlining various processes and improving overall efficiency.

Effective Item Tracing System and Metrc Integration

Alchemy365 creates tags for products like THC, food, and others, facilitating inventory checks, movements, picks, and product destruction. This tagging system integrates with Metrc to reduce duplicate data entry and minimize errors. It’s particularly beneficial for quality control, recalls, and tracing customer purchase details.

Detailed Item Setup and Management

Create and manage each item you purchase or sell, including details like retail price, vendor cost, quantity per package, and units of measure. Also includes a bill of materials (BOM) and routing information for each item, linking costs to the general ledger for comprehensive inventory cost tracking​​.

Streamlined Transaction Management

Get a clear view of purchase orders, including expected arrival dates of components and projected inventory post-assembly. Facilitate the management of production orders, detailing requirements for each item such as tag numbers, work center time, and packaging​​.

Advanced Planning Capabilities

Work Center Load view provides insight into the capacity of each work center by time, allowing businesses to plan production efficiently. Additionally, the Demand Forecast feature, based on sales orders and predicted customer demand, helps in inventory management and alerts businesses about potential item shortages.

Connect all of your departments in one easy to use interface

Alchemy365 Creates One Integrated Solution

Finances You Trust

Stay on track of your finances with reliable data and real time reporting.

Grow Securely

Keep track of crops through your entire process with Metrc integration and more.

Inventory Tracking

Gain 365 degrees of visibility from the farm to the store front with reliable tracking.

Manufacture and Process Reliably

Manufacture and process your crops with safety and compliancy in mind.

Peace of Mind with Complaince

Stay compliant with federal and state guidelines. Integrate with Metrc and other tools to facilitate easy audits.

Meet You Sales and Delivery KPIs

Track revenue and deliveries with ease; from wholesalers to happy customers.

Additional Upgrades

Alchemy365 for Cannabis is ready to go out of the box but if you’re looking to get more from your ERP implementation consider these upgrades to your ERP solution.

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