Cloud-Based AP Automation for D365 Business Central

Master the art of AP with SimplyAP for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Embrace AI-Powered data extraction, auto-matching to Dynamics, and effortless invoice creation.

Intelligent invoice capture that eliminates manual data entry
Invoice data is captured electronically using AI-powered data extraction.

Intelligent invoice capture
Email, upload, or scan invoices into the system.

AI-Powered data extraction
Read invoice data as a human would.

Invoice data confidence rating
Color-coded indicator shows field level accuracy.

Manage invoices digitally to reduce costs, risks, and processing time
Manage invoices based on their type, status, and approval limits, accelerating the AP process from weeks to minutes.

Purchase invoice variance management
Set a global variance threshold and dollar amount.

Invoice exception management
Only edit invoices that have discrepancies.

Invoice exception management
Only edit invoices that have discrepancies.

From capture to create in 60 seconds
No human intervention with straight-through processing

Intelligent invoice capture
Email, upload or scan invoices into the system.

Automated matching and coding
Matches invoice to receipt and purchase order.

Automatic invoice creation
Invoices are automatically created in BC

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